Josephine Plaszewski,  re-cycling artist
Its a whimsical magic when everything falls into place and the brush just flows, I love the whimsy in art and in life.  When I paint it can take two minutes and 30 seconds or five minutes,
I paint so fast and frenzy like, it either happens or I paint over it, I love when my customers ask about the back grounds, why so textured and multi-colored.   I would love to say it was on purpose but it's not, its mistakes that I covered up and in my frenzy I left a patchy background.    I enjoy the recycling process, when most artist are running to art supply shops and I just go to the thrift store, I purchase old paint sets and use only mis tints and designer samples.   In working with so many interior decorators that they always have left over paints.  

Recently a childhood friend posted a picture on FB of our family as kids and I realized that the reason most dogs and dancers, have crowns on, well in the family pics of childhood
birthday parties we all were wearing tissue paper crowns, yep I have on an orange shirt, blue cat woman glasses, and a purple tissue paper crown and all my brothers and sisters had these crowns on for our birthday parties, mom did a great thing in giving me crowns, I think I was always a Queen.  Between that and Grandma Osorio would sing, "here she comes, Miss America" everytime I walked into the room.  Just saying the late Josephine Osorio was an amazing woman who taught me well by her loving ways.

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