Josephine Plaszewski,  re-cycling artist

About JoSePhInE

I'm a outgoing original thinker who never knew there was a box to think out of.   I pull from life's events and tend to be the person who looks on the bright side and finds ways of dealing with what ever life gives me.   I have been challenged and sometimes I wonder why life gives me these things to deal with, I just use my art to express my emotional path my work is very very happy, rarely doesn't not make one smile.   I love to give back and tend to support animals and woman's rights issues. 

I have such a loyal following for the last 7 years people come back time and time again, the average collector has 5 paintings.  I strive to keep em coming back.  Networking with other artist are what  I want to explore working in heavy metals is my next project I want to weld garden sculptures, with moving parts and dancing tea cups, ah to be in my head for five min!!!  Looking for pillars, columns and architectual parts, I want to convert these columns into lamps for in the home, the vision has been haunting me so its just a matter of time before I start to put these together.   So if you have parts and pieces please feel free to contact me.

Locations my work can be purchased;  
Millie Rae's Westport, CT
Bonnie Neiman Designs  Summit, NY (exclusive territory rights) for all my NJ buyers please contact Bonnie direct
Loo Loo Designs, Manhattan, NY
Village Framery , Suffern, NY
Red Herring, Tampa, Florida
Big Daddy Antiques, LA,Ca
Old Castle, Ireland  (the Castle arts)
Paris, France, at eiffel tower arts.
Papa Gayo's mexican restaurant in Boston, Ma
(you have to drink from the tequila bar first, my work lines the walls to the bathroom)  lol!
Private collections of many people, Ive sold over 1400 paintings since I started 7 years ago
Lauren Slater is the one person I would like to mention My BFF and all around great person writer for Rosie O'Donnell & about a dozen other celebs.
Lauren is completely laid back and a powerful writer.  Prozac Diaries, etc....   My favorite Lauren time was driving back and forth for weekends at Rosie's house in Nyack, NY while writing her book.   We stumble upon trash day in Nyack! Lauren and I are scavenger the neighborhood trash in Ro's area!
omg it was fun and I still have my brown blinds from that trip! Some time racing to cut off the dump truck wanting to collect trash while lauren I raced to see what goodies people where throwing out!!! 

Please feel free to contact me about any endeavor you may have in mind, I'm listing with FilmProps, usa and I can paint, wall mural and design just about
anything, I love working with roughage , raw building materials, post, architectural parts and pieces and always exploring new ways to grow my art business.

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